Guro Dan Inosanto

Professor Nicolas Saignac has taught at my academy many times in the past years. My students all over the United States love his teaching and his material and his skills that he displays in teaching the French art of kickboxing Savate. For me he is a national treasure in the United States as far as French art of Savate kickboxing is concerned. I highly recommend him for workshops and seminar, Savate has many good elements in it that will add to the skills of a good mix martial artist. 

Eric Paulson

I was taught by Nicolas Saignac through sparring when I was getting ready to fight in Japan.  He was the 1988 Grand cup Savate champion and my coach thought it'd be a good idea for me to get in the ring and spar with him. He was in my face the whole time and I couldn't touch him. He was hitting me with a 2 to 5 shot ratio for every one of mine. 

I wanted to know what he was doing to keep me away from touching him and stand in my face and hitting me so many times so later on I brought him into my camps to teach me to watch his drills and style to learn from. If you get a chance I'd highly recommend you learning from Nick. He can teach at all levels beginner to pro fighter.

Greg Nelson

I have been very fortunate to learn from Nicolas Saignac for many years, and I am always in awe!  His ability to teach using a ton of solo, partner drills and pads to develop constant movement with effective striking has greatly enhanced and influenced my striking and teaching skills.  In addition, his personality and teaching style create a fun and challenging learning environment regardless of skill level.  I always look forward to my opportunities to learn from and hang out with striking geniuse and all around great guy.